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The Reality of Food and Bare Necessities – Putting Things in Perspective

This was one week’s ration of food for a Londoner during WWII. – Courtesy photo

By Terry Miller

In the past week, the Covid-19 reality has hit most of the world in ways unimaginable a few days earlier. New jargon, such as “social distancing,” has become the rule of law — not just the exception.

I was speaking with my 89-year-old mother over the weekend when I popped the question referring to shortages in stores of the basic necessities: “Have you ever seen anything like this in your lifetime?”

Without hesitation she said,” Well son, we did live through years of Hitler bombing London relentlessly and we had to live with rations on everything. Somehow we survived that; therefore, I think we’ll get through this.”

I thought deeply about what she said, America having never been bombed quite like the destruction WWII caused, and it put a new perspective on my supermarket quests of late.

It’s true there are some stores stocked but essentials like milk, eggs and even toilet paper are apparently as difficult to find as one panning for gold.

Supermarkets are doing their best to restock as fast as they can, however the reality of the greedy shopper is very real and getting nasty in some stores. Just try and buy essentials on Amazon. It’s the same darn thing. NO TOILET PAPER.

Moreover, my mother made me realize it could be worse. Imagine being 91 years old, with a cane or a walker, waiting in line for hours to get into your favorite store. Suddenly you feel ill and those in front of you want to let you go ahead of them but the store’s management was strict about staying in line.

This did happen in a store, which shall remain nameless, Wednesday morning in East Pasadena. Finally one shopper felt so bad for the ailing senior that she offered her place at the front of the line to the 91-year-old.

This was apparently acceptable to management.

This should be a humanitarian reminder to stores. Let the senior citizens and disabled people shop first. It’s the right thing to do.

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