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It Ain’t Easy

Dorothy Denne

Oh Gawd. The sun is up. A new morning is starting. Time to get out of bed. Okay, body: try real hard; you can do it; you can move.
One foot to the floor. Now two. Come on, elbow, don’t let me down; push the old torso up. Aahh. Sit for a moment and say a quick thank-you prayer.
Hands on knees and up we go. Contract those leg muscles, shimmy, and relax. Reach those fingertips to the sky. Stretch like the cats. Well, not really. They are graceful. Then, having stretched, they are lithe and quick.
I kind of shuffle. Don’t lift the feet too high too soon. Takes the head a while to get in balance. All the sinus contents seem to be in one cavity.
Here I go. I’m in motion. Stumble to the bathroom, wash the hands, throw a little water on my face. Swish a handful or two to release my tongue.
On to the kitchen and into the fridge to satisfy mewing, prancing, leg-climbing cats. How can they move like that?
Dishes filled. Now, for the major move. Think real hard about the best angle for the bend to set the dishes on the floor. Feet apart, bend carefully, almost down; now just kind of drop them the last couple of inches. Rise back up slowly, slowly — couple of pauses on the way. Finally erect.
SNEEZE! That nearly threw everything out of whack. No, I’m okay. The body is operating again. I’m ready for another day.

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